Building Dreams Capital Campaign

Our founders had big dreams for our school. We have realized many of those dreams with growing enrollment, a passionate faculty, formative and dynamic curricula, a promise to meet the needs of the whole child, and commitment to provide diverse access to our school for the Napa community.

We are now in the final stages of the Building Dreams Capital Campaign, with Blue Oak Middle School opening for the 2024-2025 school year in downtown Napa.

The addition of the new Blue Oak Middle School Campus will:

Foster Academic Excellence:

We aim to enhance our academic program by creating an exceptional environment for teaching and learning. Tailored spaces, designed to meet the specific needs of each subject area, will enable students to immerse themselves in various disciplines, a crucial aspect of an outstanding middle school program.

Cultivating Purposeful Community Engagement:

We aspire to strengthen community engagement and leadership among the students of Blue Oak School.By uniting our student community from transitional kindergarten to eighth grade through our newly united TK-8th grade extended campus, we provide our entire student body with opportunities and challenges to take responsibility for one another. Through engaging community activities, family groups, community jobs, buddies, and more, we aim to elevate their sense of purpose, citizenship, and agency.

Embracing Diversity and our Mission:

We are committed to expanding our community and embracing diversity. Placing our entire campus at the heart of the town, we aim to create more accessible spaces for the broader Napa Valley community. By doing so, we position Blue Oak School as the leading provider of the highest quality education in the Valley.

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Etta Williams
Director of Advancement