Nuestro Futuro

Our vision is to provide an extraordinary resource to Napa’s Latino/a community that makes progressive independent education accessible to all regardless of family background or income. 

Since our founding in 2002, Blue Oak School has had a commitment to making progressive education available to families from diverse socioeconomic backgrounds, cultures, races, sexual orientations, gender identities, and family structures. Our inclusive environment attracts and supports families traditionally underrepresented in independent schools.

Blue Oak is located in Napa County, which is on track to become the Bay Area’s first majority Latina/o county. Driven by our commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion, the Nuestro Futuro program was created to provide our unique educational experience to Latina/o students with demonstrated need.

Today nearly 45% of the students and families at Blue Oak School self-identify as BIPOC with over 52% of our families receiving financial support.



  • Supports up to full tuition for each eligible Latino/a scholar
  • Provides funding for ancillary services including tutoring, after-school care and classes
  • Covers related costs such as lunch, school supplies, and extra-curricular school activities
  • Engages parents as partners in their child’s education
  • Empowers families to become key advocates for their child’s education




Named Nuestro Futuro Endowed Scholarship

Major gifts will be named a part of an endowed Scholarship Fund, which will exist in perpetuity.  With a projected payout of 5% annually, the fund will generate further support for more scholars to have access to a Blue Oak School education as it grows.

Nine-Year Scholarship for One Student K-8

The scholarship can be paid in a lump sum or annually for 9 years.

One-Year Scholarship

A one-year scholarship provides support for one student for one year in any grade level.


Scholarship Sponsor              $25,000 and more

Supporting Sponsor                $5,000-$24,999

Supporting Services Sponsor $1-$4,999

For More Information Contact:

Etta Williams
Director of Advancement