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Your continued support, beyond tuition fees, is essential for our school’s stability and directly influences the experience and future success of every student.

Educating a child requires more than talented teachers and an outstanding curriculum. A Blue Oak School education would not be the incredible experience that it is without the investment of gifts and time from our parents. Parents can make a positive and meaningful difference in their children’s education and in the life of our school community by partnering with us.

Since its founding. Blue Oak School has benefited from the generosity of our community. The campus and programs we enjoy today are the result of the philanthropy of families that came before. We continue to rely on a combination of annual gifts to support current expenses, as well as special gifts towards capital improvements to ensure a strong future for the next generation.  Your ongoing support, beyond tuition, is vital to our stability and will directly impact every student’s experience and future success.

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Blue Oak Parent Association

One of Blue Oak’s strengths is a continued sense of community among students, families, faculty, and staff. We foster an inclusive campus culture, which supports and encourages family engagement.  The Blue Oak Parent Association is a volunteer organization that engages families. The Parent Association meets monthly and hosts a variety of events to encourage community engagement and support volunteer hours to benefit our school.

Acorn Fund

Tuition alone does not cover the full cost of educating a student at Blue Oak School.  Tuition PLUS a strong Acorn Fund enables our School to meet the immediate costs of providing our students with a highly personalized learning experience, while having the ability to innovate to meet the unique circumstances of each new year. Support from the Acorn Fund allows Blue Oak to achieve a socio-economically diverse family population, while also attracting some of the best and most-talented faculty and staff in Northern California. 

Major Gifts/Campaigns

Major gifts are large contributions, usually in six and seven figures that are used to make significant capital improvements to facilities and programs and to build the School’s endowment.

Blue Oak School is currently in a campaign to build a new Middle School, fund Nuestro Futuro and grow the school’s endowment.

Nuestro Futuro

Since its founding in 2001, Blue Oak School has had a commitment to making a progressive education available to families from diverse ethnic and socioeconomic backgrounds.  Driven by our commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion, the Nuestro Futuro program was created to provide a Blue Oak education to students of Latino descent with a demonstrated high financial need.

Endowment Funds

Gifts to endowment are an investment in the long-term financial health of Blue Oak School. Endowment Funds are held in long-term investments with the principal remaining untouched, which creates a permanent source of revenue for the school. An endowment fund is structured to grow over time through reinvestment of interest and dividends earned.

Fundraising Events

Each year, Blue Oak School Auction Weekend is held to bring the community together for a social weekend of fun, community and philanthropy.  A group of volunteers work throughout the year to plan a fantastic weekend to support our school community.  The proceeds from the event are an important piece of Blue Oak School’s annual fundraising initiatives.  Each year attendees are asked to raise the paddle at these events to support our robust tuition assistance program. 

For More Information Contact:

Etta Williams
Director of Advancement