Blue Oak Athletics

The Blue Oak School Physical Education program allows for student’s growth in strength, flexibility, conditioning, and sports and fitness understanding and participation.

Curriculum focuses on offensive/defensive skills and strategies in team physical activities and acquiring knowledge of concepts for achieving life-long fitness. A variety of weekly fitness activities allow students the opportunity to improve their overall fitness, health, and well-being including long-distance running, sprinting intervals, strength-training, circuit-training and yoga. Group sports and skill development include capture the flag, soccer, baseball, basketball, field hockey, lacrosse, badminton, jump roping, tag games, volleyball, and track and field.

Students at Blue Oak School have access to both a full-court gymnasium on our middle school campus and an outdoor sports field at our lower school.


Blue Oak School strives for excellence in all aspects of school life and athletics is no exception. The athletic program focuses on the journey of students as both individual athletes and as team members.

At Blue Oak School sports-skill development goes hand-in-hand with character development. Emphasis is given to the process of meeting and overcoming challenges as players compete against teams from other area schools. Good sportsmanship is a Blue Oak School tradition.

The following Afterschool Athletic Programs/ Teams are available at Blue Oak School:

Volleyball  (6-8 grade)

Basketball (5-8 grade)

Track & Field (TK-8 grade)


Depending on the level of student interest, Blue Oak School is able to participate in the following Catholic Sports League teams:

Fall Season

Girls: 5th – 8th Grade Volleyball
Boys: 5th – 8th Grade Volleyball

Winter Season

Girls: 7th & 8th Grade Basketball (Oct. – Dec.)
Boys: 7th & 8th Grade Basketball (Oct. – Dec.)
Girls: 5th & 6th Grade Basketball (Jan. – Mar.)
Boys: 5th & 6th Grade Basketball (Jan. – Mar.)

Spring Season

K-8 Boys’ and Girls’ Track and Field
Games are generally played on Saturdays in the morning or early afternoon, followed by an end-of-the-season tournament. The CSL is a comprised of 10 private schools in the Napa and Sonoma Valleys.