The Blue Oak Spanish program continues to thrive, demonstrating significant growth and expansion. Each grade, Transitional Kindergarten through 8th Grade at Blue Oak School participates in four Spanish classes per grade each week, reflecting our commitment to comprehensive language education. In the Lower School, classes vary from 30 minutes for TK-2nd grade to 40 minutes for 3rd-5th grade. Meanwhile, Middle School students benefit from 50-minute Spanish periods. Our program is dedicated to creating a safe and supportive learning environment, where mistakes are seen as opportunities for growth and teachers provide positive feedback to encourage language acquisition. As we grow, we will continue to align our curriculum to maintain consistent expectations for our students’ development.

Lower School: Building Foundations with Focused Sessions

Each week in the Lower School, our Spanish classes have specific focuses to enhance learning. In the first session, students concentrate on different grammar features. The second session introduces new vocabulary. The third session delves into the linguistic concept of the week. Finally, in the fourth session, students integrate their week’s learning into a project or game to practice and reinforce their knowledge. Additionally, students are learning American Sign Language (ASL) alongside Spanish vocabulary. This dual-language approach helps students understand the interconnectedness of different languages and supports those with kinetic learning preferences. Students are beginning to express themselves in Spanish, both orally and in writing, making meaningful connections in their learning.

Middle School: Practical Skills and Cultural Immersion

The Middle School Spanish program emphasizes practicing real-life skills to facilitate authentic interactions with Spanish-speaking individuals. Students develop a robust grammatical foundation that they build upon each year. Beyond traditional curriculum units, students engage in simulations and immersive experiences designed to test their language skills in practical contexts. For instance, students participated in a simulated airport visit, navigating check-in, security, and a “flight” entirely in Spanish. Understanding the deep connection between culture and language, students also participate in cultural activities such as baking “pan de muerto” for Día de los Muertos and exploring diverse music genres during “Marzo musical,” our annual Spanish music tournament bracket.

As the Blue Oak Spanish program continues to flourish, we remain committed to providing a rich, supportive, and immersive language learning experience for all our students.