Recent graduates offer perspectives on how significant Blue Oak has been in shaping their futures.

Like most independent schools, Blue Oak depends on the generosity of our families, grandparents, friends, faculty, staff, and alumni to provide the additional income needed to support our progressive educational environment.

Even full tuition does not cover the cost of educating a student at Blue Oak, let alone allow the school to ensure diversity by offering some tuition aid to other students. Blue Oak continues to grow stronger and more highly regarded each year because of these generous donations. Your gift makes a tangible, lasting impact.

Blue Oak School provides these primary opportunities for you and others to contribute to our financial well-being.

Acorn Fund for Blue Oak

Contributions to the Acorn Fund, Blue Oak’s annual fund, provide needed enhancements to the school outside of the designated operating budget. Acorn Fund dollars allow the school to provide financial aid, accept a richly diverse student body, and provide a learning environment that exists both inside and outside of the classroom. Donors who make gifts to the Acorn Fund will be recognized in the Annual Report of Giving.

Make a donation here

Blue Oak School Endowment

The Blue Oak Endowment provides long-term financial security to ensure that Blue Oak survives and thrives.

An endowment is the permanent capital of an institution, comprised of individual gifts over time and is designed to keep the principal amount intact while using the investment income from dividends for charitable efforts.

Ways to Give


Outright Gifts

Cash (cash, check, and credit card – paid in full or in installments).

Appreciated Securities

Gifts of securities often confer significant tax benefits for a donor. For example, contributions of appreciated securities held for over a year are generally deductible at market value, regardless of what the donor paid for them; moreover, the capital gains tax is avoided through such a gift. To make a gift of securities please contact the Development Office with complete donor information (name, address, phone number), the name and type of securities to be gifted (public, private, restricted, mutual fund, etc.), the number of shares, and the date you intend to make the gift.

Matching Gifts

A matching gift by your employer extends your generosity. Many corporations will match employee gifts to independent schools. Please check with your human resources department to see if your company will match your gift. Matching gifts are a great way to double and often triple your donation through your employer’s matching gifts program. Donors are recognized for taking this extra but important step in supporting Blue Oak by enclosing your company’s matching form with your gift. If you are not sure whether your company participates in a matching gift program, contact the Development Office for assistance or further information.

Planned Gifts – Bequests

A bequest is a transfer, by will, securities (stocks), or tangible property to an individual or a charitable organization. We recommend that you check with your tax advisor for details regarding this method of donating to the school. Tax laws permit donors to place assets into a variety of trust vehicles that benefit the donor, the donor’s family or heirs, and Blue Oak School.


To discuss any of these gift approaches, please contact the Jennifer Fotherby at jfotherby at or call the Development Office 707.261.4500. We will be happy to assist you.

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