Blue Oak School is a private, kindergarten to 8th grade, independent school with proven progressive and innovative concepts that animate a love of learning built on a strong educational foundation. With teachers at the center as instructors and facilitators, we engage students using all their senses in highly interactive classrooms, playgrounds, and community settings. We reaffirm our commitment to providing students with an unparalleled Kindergarten-8th grade experience rooted in the following:


  1. A progressive approach to education that is hands-on, student-centered, collaborative and intellectually challenging. We bring learning to life.
  2. An integrated curriculum that incorporates fine arts, music and drama, physical educational, and service learning. We teach the whole child.
  3. Fostering problem solving, inquiry, critical thinking, and creativity. We engender a love of learning.
  4. Experienced, passionate teachers and a low student/teacher ratio, ensuring that students’ individual strengths and challenges are well understood. We meet student needs.
  5. A diverse sense of community within every classroom and throughout the school, fostered by actively teaching social concepts and skills. We build a community of learner and leaders.

The value of a well-rounded Blue Oak education is nowhere more evident than in the accomplishments of our graduates. Their success in high school and accomplishments in academia, the arts, and service reaffirms our commitment to providing students with a challenging and hands-on curriculum. Lessons learned at Blue Oak ensure that our graduates are well prepared for high school – and life.

There are many other aspects of Blue Oak that make us stand out as an educational option. We value diversity and difference. We regard parents as partners. We know that the arts – and play – are central to making education fun and to developing well-rounded people. We develop culturally competent citizens who are socially conscious, respectful and want to change the world.

We look forward to welcoming you to our community.

Warm Regards,

Dan Schwartz
Head Of School